A jewel in Karachi’s crown – Empress Market

Childhood trips to Empress Market were anything but pleasant. To a 10 year old spending Sunday morning in a huge bustling bazaar with a cocktail of aromatics from fresh produce was not a treat. I would forcefully accompany my grandmother or mother, reluctantly agree with bribes of a treat of chickee sweets (sesame jaggery brittle) or fresh… 

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Sago pearl kheer with cardamom

  Those tiny little spheres of iridescent beauty that glisten and speak of the mystery of the ocean, the romance of true love, flattering a girls ears with perfection. My Nani took much pleasure in collecting pretty things in her youth, but in her graceful years I saw her delicate ears mostly adorned with these… 

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Guest post by Ceri Jones – Courgette Sweet Aaloo

I love the take of this healthy, quick and inventive recipe by my friend Ceri, who is a natural chef in London – her recipes can be found on her blog Natural Kitchen Adventures which focuses on whole foods, paleo and gluten-free recipes, since 2011. Ceri Jones made her passion for wholesome food her living by… 

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Photos by Alice Griffiths

Pakistani Dawwat Feast feature for Good Things magazine, UK

        I was commissioned to contribute to Good Things magazine, UK – a feature with recipes and write about the celebration of Pakistani Dawwat – Autumn issue 2014 Tweet

Photo by Joanna Yee

Infusing memory with spice, surf and seafood – article for Fish On Friday

My article for Fish on Friday – October 2014   CHEFS & COOKS “A sea breeze enveloped by the aromas of barbecued fish tikkas permeated the heavy air of the hot day, the still evening suddenly coming alive with a welcoming scent of smoke and spice…” This is one of my childhood memories from my home… 

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“Summers under the Tamarind Tree” … the story begins; about my cookbook

Growing up, I was silently aware of my passion for flavour, it was an untapped love for creating from what nature blesses us with, creating food that spoke to the heart and not just to the palate alone. Food was an expression of togetherness and love in my home, no mater where the table was… 

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