Cardamom and Kewra scented memories of firni and my Nani

Autumn kindles a need for evenings in, lighting the season’s first fire, the desire for warm sustenance and comforting sweetness. This is amplified for me now living in Scotland, and as the weather turns, I yearn for a blanket of hearty meals and warming drinks. But growing up in Karachi, a city that knew no… 

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Bramble, Aniseed and Pistachio Pakistani Gulgulay (doughnuts)

Growing up I would be told romantic stories of winter approaching in my father’s childhood home in Jaunpur, North India –  slow cooking would be placed upon their log fire as smoke would bellow above the open night sky in their courtyard and one sweet treat that would be most anticipated, which would have all… 

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Raspberry, Pistachio and Falsa Sour Cream Cake

Finding home through flavour: Journey to a Raspberry. Pistachio and Falsa  Sour Cream Cake: Very round and tart, but so very perfect. A stain that never shifts, a flavour that haunts you long after. These sensory memories of falsas in the monsoon months are embedded in my heart and laced on my tongue. A childhood… 

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Eid lunch – for the love of family and food

Eid will always remind me of my childhood and growing up in Pakistan. I have a clear sensory memory of awakening to aromas of cloves and cardamom wafting from the kitchen into my bedroom. This is a day that revolves around family togetherness and a celebration of food, after a month of abstinence and contemplation…. 

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An interview in The Guardian COOK supplement – my kitchen staples

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My Nanis’ Seviyan & few of my Eid memories featured in The New York Times

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