Eid lunch – for the love of family and food

Eid will always remind me of my childhood and growing up in Pakistan. I have a clear sensory memory of awakening to aromas of cloves and cardamom wafting from the kitchen into my bedroom. This is a day that revolves around family togetherness and a celebration of food, after a month of abstinence and contemplation…. 

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An interview in The Guardian COOK supplement – my kitchen staples

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My Nanis’ Seviyan & few of my Eid memories featured in The New York Times

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Photo credit Ren Behan

Perfect garam masala – the essence of layering flavour

    If you ask a Pakistani cook to share their recipe for garam masala, they will probably tell you it’s a guarded family secret. As an authentic blend, it is quite surprising that there is no one recipe for garam masala, most families have their own combinations and proportions of spices, and indeed it… 

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Rose sugar and cardamom infused crème brûlée

Roses  (desi gulab*)  remind me of summers in my grandmother’s intoxicating garden. As the sun set, the sultry Karachi air shifted to a humid cool sea-breeze bringing with it the scent of her lovingly tended blossoms of motia*, desi gulab, hibiscus, petunia and bougainvillea. As I made my way from the connecting door between my home and hers, her… 

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Bottle gourd (Loki) kofta in a tomato and curry leaf sauce

Hailing from a family where meat dishes were always the hero, there was place for one unassuming vegetarian winner on the Usmani dining table – the Loki kofta. A modest green gourd, with neither intensity nor excitement to boast, it is however a silent carrier for such flavour. This is a treasured family recipe that finds… 

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