Rose sugar and cardamom infused crème brûlée


Roses  (desi gulab*)  remind me of summers in my grandmother’s intoxicating garden. As the sun set, the sultry Karachi air shifted to a humid cool sea-breeze bringing with it the scent of her lovingly tended blossoms of motia*, desi gulab, hibiscus, petunia and bougainvillea. As I made my way from the connecting door between my home and hers, her… 

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A jewel in Karachi’s crown – Empress Market


Childhood trips to Empress Market were anything but pleasant. To a 10 year old spending Sunday morning in a huge bustling bazaar with a cocktail of aromatics from fresh produce was not a treat. I would forcefully accompany my grandmother or mother, reluctantly agree with bribes of a treat of chickee sweets (sesame jaggery brittle) or fresh… 

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Guest post by Ceri Jones – Courgette Sweet Aaloo


I love the take of this healthy, quick and inventive recipe by my friend Ceri, who is a natural chef in London – her recipes can be found on her blog Natural Kitchen Adventures which focuses on whole foods, paleo and gluten-free recipes, since 2011. Ceri Jones made her passion for wholesome food her living by… 

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