Spiced mango fruit leather – Sweet summer memories and new inspirations


Much awaited mango trees laden with tiny sour green ‘kayris’ (raw mango) would call to me during March to May every year, I would get a bitter telling off from my grandmother when I sneakily stole these tiny piquant bursts of flavour as she waited expectantly for them come to full fruiting glory – As… 

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Kalay Chanay – Black chickpeas tossed in white poppy seeds, tamarind and red onions


  Those endless moments of loss – Nights dark with the struggle of separation from the one you loved who has left this world forever.. I have felt those moments many more times in my life than I hoped, not just by the loss of close family or friends, but drastic changes in my life,… 

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Earthy Monsoon Pakoras and Spicy Hot Chai – guest post for TheImbiber.co.uk


Earthy Monsoon Pakoras and Spicy Hot Chai Guest post for TheImbiber.co.uk  With my eyes half open after a long afternoon siesta I’d look above me to see the slow winding ceiling fan, hearing the monotonous humming of the air conditioner and lazily stretching as a loud crackle of thunder jolts me out of bed. Thinking… 

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Aaloo ki Tehri – Turmeric + cumin scented rice pullao with baby potatoes


Many Sunday mornings I would wake late, only to be greeted with the intoxicatingly simple aromas of Aaloo ki Tehri – a family favourite rice dish which is fragranced with turmeric, vibrantly yellow in colour and tasted undefinably delicious. Served best with a raita of cucumber and mint – this was a Sunday lunch I… 

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Chickpea Chaat with Pomegranate, Tamarind and Mint


Escapism is the word that comes to mind when I reflect back at those days when my taste buds salivated with the thought of consuming a half warm and half cold mixed chaat from my local Chaat-wallay ka Dhabba – running away from homework, chores and cleaning my room, were things worth escaping on a… 

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Banana, Cardamom & Coconut Samosas with Chai Chocolate Drizzle


It was about this time of the year that you knew the weather has started to alter – the first breath of the crisp sandy cool sea breeze in the morning would confirm that our  mild desert winter was not far behind. With it, it would bring a gush of festivities, weddings, parties and many… 

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Shahi Biryani with fenugreek and seasonal vegetables


Biryani means to me what a roast dinner might been to a Brit – it’s the ultimate comfort food without any guilt. Warm, fragrant, reminiscent of the comfort of beautiful Pakistani houses with marble verandas,  airy rooms where the singular ceiling fan brought sacred cool breeze to a stifling humid afternoon – these were much… 

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Potato & Lentil Bun Kebabs, Pakistani Street-style burgers


Smoky, hot, sultry Sunday afternoon’s when you’d rather be napping than driving out to the market – I can remember the sudden craving for a Bun Kebab would get me out of the icy atmosphere of my air conditioned bedroom into the throws of sweltering brain numbing heat only to savour one of these indescribably… 

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The flavours of two nations – United and Divine

Pic Credit Sheb + Sumayya

  I sit here and write this post on the night of Pakistan’s Independence Day, 14th August and the eve of India’s Independence Day, 15th August. My lovely friend Sheba from Absolute Indian, who originates  from Kerala and myself (Pakistani, obviously) share one  recipe each  in celebration of our respective country’s independence and most of… 

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Featured on Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation tv show: Beetroot and Jaggery Raita


This recipe was also published on the Great British Chef’s website The weather has been erratic this week and so have my days…with the first Pukka Paki supperclub looming I suddenly had the unexpected request which made me stop in my tracks!  – an honour to say the least, I was asked to appear on… 

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Sindhi inspired Vegetable Karri, turmeric & curry leaf scented yoghurt soup


This is a great dish for the beginning of the Spring/Summer months, even though yogurt is said to be ‘thanda’ as in of a ‘cold’ constitution  (concept being that its chemical make-up allows the body to cool and therefore good for summer months), but this soup actually warms up the body (as in it’s ‘garam’… 

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