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  1. Maliha Hameed says

    With Pukka Paki…Pakistani home cooking has become easy and fuss free.

    Simple but delicious Pakistani fare has become a daily at my dinner table.

    Thanks Sumayya!! Xx

  2. says

    Dear Sir,
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    I’ll be grateful to you.

    Best Regards,

    Syed Saif-ul-Ejaz

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  3. Liam Holley says

    Hi Sumayya,

    I attended one of your excellent cookery classes at Ashdown Manna a few months ago.
    You introduced us to a mixed spice that you would sprinkle on a few of you dished almost like seasoning.
    Can you remind me what it was so I can order some?
    You suggested getting it on-line as I remember.

    Regards Liam

    • says

      Hi Liam, glad you enjoyed my class – the spice blend was Chaat Masala, try Shan brand – most Asian shops will have it. You can try to google it and see who sells it. Good luck !

  4. Liam Holley says

    Thanks Sumayya,

    That’s the one. I found it on Amazon in seconds and naturally pre-ordered your book at the same time. Keep up the good work.

    Regards Liam

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