When asked by Most Wanted to contribute to this Christmas and  come up with a simple recipe to feed 10 people for £3 each, that is both comforting in the cold winter months and thrifty –  I could think of no other but the one most cost effective way of eating meat known in Pakistan… 

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BBCScan 2

Proud to be published in BBC Good Food magazine – Fine me in this prestigious publication’s January 2014 issue on page 50   Global Kitchen feature – where Pakistani cuisine is noted as one of 2014′s up and coming cuisine!      Tweet


  Spice has always defined who I am. My first sensory memory would be the intoxicating aroma after a monsoon shower in my beloved Karachi, where I grew up. Since then, of course I have inhaled many a delightful smell, from flowers to foods, but there is no other grounding and nostalgic scent that takes… 

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Ultimate Pakistani comfort. No other food so simple, frugal and wholesome can give one such depths of bliss –  the humble daal soaked up in plain boiled basmati. A blank canvas for flavour, absorbing any indigenous culture, tradition or wealth of family secrets – Daal cooked the South Asian way to me  is a never-ending journey… 

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LTC Awards Stamp 2013 Runner Up

SO excited to announce, I am the runner up for the UK Cookery School Awards by Looking to Cook for the 2nd year running. Competition is always tough so I am so chuffed! Thank you! My next Pakistani cookery class in 23rd November – don’t miss it - Click on that link to BOOK!   Tweet


RECIPE APPEARED IN THE GUARDIAN COOK SUPPLEMENT 5TH OCTOBER 2013 Chickpeas with spice, herbs and lemon are a street snack in Pakistan called Chaat, with bursts of Chaat masala, made up of piquant black salt, dried mango powder, cumin, coriander seeds and black pepper, its a salivating heady mixture that entices all the senses. Topped… 

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