“Summers under the Tamarind Tree” … the story begins; about my cookbook

Growing up, I was silently aware of my passion for flavour, it was an untapped love for creating from what nature blesses us with, creating food that spoke to the heart and not just to the palate alone. Food was an expression of togetherness and love in my home, no mater where the table was… 

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Photo by Joanna Yee

5 ways with Star Anise, my favourite spice

That haunting exotic aroma, it’s perfection in shape and form, begs to be savoured. Many are fraught with dispair due its strong essence and afraid to use it, here are some simple ways to incorporate this stunning spice in every day cooking…To me the heady welcome scent of autumn! Star anise is also known as… 

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Fragrant Saffron & nut biryani

The cool winter sea breeze of Karachi in December brought a very different feeling with it. It was welcomed after a long hot, intolerant summer. Suddenly the streets would be buzzing with happy folk, in their shawls and the men in their warm hand-woven Peshawari topi’s  longing for the first touch of winter to pull out… 

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Semolina ladoo sweets with coconut and Arabic gum

As dreams start finding reality, I am humbled to the beginnings of my knowledge and thankful for my un-satiated desire to learn. Food and it’s celebration was a gift I grew up with. A precious joy that was handed down to me by my two grandmothers and most importantly, my mother. All my best memories of… 

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Spiced Nectarines with lemon and cardamom Cream

This dessert is inspired by a Pakistani/Hyderabadi dessert called Khubani ka Meetha, traditionally made with dried Hunza apricots, topped with fresh buffalo cream and apricot kernels. This version of mine uses lightly spiced, ripe Italian nectarines, which I top with a lemon- and cardamom-scented coconut cream and pan toasted almonds. To me, this is the best celebration of a… 

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Carrot Halva with pistachios – Anticipation & the joy of Eid

This carrot halva recipe was the winning recipe for  The Guardian COOK supplement 14 Sept 2013, UK picked by Felicity Cloake  The 29th Roza (fast). A night of  such mixed emotions. Anticipation, excitement and joy all rolled into one. The much awaited ‘siren‘ after the sighting of the moon – knowing that it’s Eid tomorrow, was filled… 

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