Spiced mango fruit leather – Sweet summer memories and new inspirations

Much awaited mango trees laden with tiny sour green ‘kayris’ (raw mango) would call to me during March to May every year, I would get a bitter telling off from my grandmother when I sneakily stole these tiny piquant bursts of flavour as she waited expectantly for them come to full fruiting glory – As… 

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Afghani Kabuli lamb pullao with caramelised carrots, raisins and pistachios

  Wholesome, simple and fragrant is this dish – while it steams away in your kitchen, your home will be enveloped with the delectable aroma of whole garam masala and the soothing and nurturing earthy smell of rice, while the sweet yet sour crunchy carrots and tangy black currants will add a unique flavour to… 

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Khagina, Pakistani Spicy aromatic scrambled eggs

Freshness and simplicity at it’s best, wrapped in memories of Sundays at home…Post for Great British Chefs Eggs, The universal comfort food. Evoking memories of comfort, home and mother’s warmth. Eggs cooked any way, in any culture are reminiscent of these nurturing memories that take us to a safe place. Whether you are in Italy,… 

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A trio of daals with a tempering of red chilli, cumin and garlic

I could go on about my saviour, the simple daal – The ultimate non stodgy comfort food that I reach out to each time I feel blue or homesick. I look back at moments in my life where I sought out this humble bowl full of loving care and I don’t quite recall why I… 

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Monthly column in Pakistan’s top food mag – Dalda Flavours June 2014

Please find my monthly column in Pakistani food magazine Dalda Flavours – July and August issue articles will be posted soon   Tweet


Kalay Chanay – Black chickpeas tossed in white poppy seeds, tamarind and red onions

  Those endless moments of loss – Nights dark with the struggle of separation from the one you loved who has left this world forever.. I have felt those moments many more times in my life than I hoped, not just by the loss of close family or friends, but drastic changes in my life,… 

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