East meets West: Guest Post by The Foodies Larder

My mission has always been to explore all the varied influences on Pakistani cuisine and I have always been intrigued by the Arabian flavours in my cuisine. This lead me to research more into how Arab invasion has left a culinary foot print where ever they have passed though. Much as to do with the… 

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Walnut, cardamom and rosebud kulfi served on Himalayan Salt blocks

 Pale pink Himalayan salt blocks mined from my native Pakistan are not only visually ethereal but also wonderfully versatile. Stunning for presentation of raw ingredient, food can also be either cooked on it when the block is heated or served cold, under a chilled block, (by chilling the block for up to 30 minutes in… 

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Himalayan Pink Salt from Pakistan, my memories of it & my interview for Cocoa Hernando

Recently I met Paul from Cocoa Hernando at a book launch party – seeing his wonderful collection of world flavoured chocolates, what drew me in what his Himalayan Pink Diamond Milk chocolate – now I am a dark chocolate fan, but anything that boasts the star ingredient being Pakistani, has my attention. Growing up with… 

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Khichri, buttery lentil and rice – Comfort for the soul

On occasion I come before a mountain I can not climb, a slump I can’t get out of. I can push ideas around yet not get off the floor with that lack of inspiration. I feel that more often with my words. I have so many in my head but sometimes I see nothing but… 

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5 steps to perfect spicy Keema and a longing for land from my home, the Sea

          THIS RECIPE WAS PUBLISHED IN DELICIOUS MAG (ONLINE) “Then with the ebbing I should drift and be Less than the smallest shell along the shoal, Less than the seagulls calling to the sea.” – Sara Teasdale, ‘Sea Longing’ in Poems of the Sea Coming home from the sea – long… 

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World Curry Festival 2013 in Bradford – representing Pakistani cuisine

  When I was contacted by Zulfi Karim, a passionate Curry advocate,  founder of the World Curry Festival and Bradford boy, who requested me to appear at the World Curry Festival, I was rather intrigued by a festival celebrating curry – I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted to be involved until the first time… 

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