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World Curry Festival 2013 in Bradford – representing Pakistani cuisine

  When I was contacted by Zulfi Karim, a passionate Curry advocate,  founder of the World Curry Festival and Bradford boy, who requested me to appear at the World Curry Festival, I was rather intrigued by a festival celebrating curry – I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted to be involved until the first time… 

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Earthy Monsoon Pakoras and Spicy Hot Chai – guest post for TheImbiber.co.uk

Earthy Monsoon Pakoras and Spicy Hot Chai Guest post for TheImbiber.co.uk  With my eyes half open after a long afternoon siesta I’d look above me to see the slow winding ceiling fan, hearing the monotonous humming of the air conditioner and lazily stretching as a loud crackle of thunder jolts me out of bed. Thinking… 

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From Plate to Page Ireland 2013 – A food inspiration to write and create

Working with Meeta and Jeanne earlier this year in London for our Food Photo and Styling Workshop and Supperclub, with me creating the food didn’t give me much time to concentrate on their expert photopgrahy tips – but it fuelled a fire in me to learn more. I think myself more as a writer than a photographer… 

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Tamarind Lamb Cutlets with Spicy Chickpea Chaat Salad

RECIPE APPEARED IN THE GUARDIAN COOK SUPPLEMENT 5TH OCTOBER 2013 Chickpeas with spice, herbs and lemon are a street snack in Pakistan called Chaat, with bursts of Chaat masala, made up of piquant black salt, dried mango powder, cumin, coriander seeds and black pepper, its a salivating heady mixture that entices all the senses. Topped… 

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Pakistani Seviyan – sweet roasted vermicelli in milk, cardamom with pistachios and raisins

  The comforting memories of childhood come from those secret moments of glee, when you knew the forbidden fruit always tasted the sweetest. Whether it were the festival of Eid or just a whim on a hot Summer’s day – Seviyan is a dessert that I always craved, and was always told was meant to… 

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Rhubarb, Marigold & Cardamom Samosas

Sweet samosas to me speak of comforting treats and warm spring days with a cup of chai sitting by the garden, embalmed in the humidity of a Karachi afternoon. My Nani and I always shared a silent or rather animated afternoon with a cup of her perfect cardamom chai and either a Rusk dipped in… 

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