Sweet samosas to me speak of comforting treats and warm spring days with a cup of chai sitting by the garden, embalmed in the humidity of a Karachi afternoon. My Nani and I always shared a silent or rather animated afternoon with a cup of her perfect cardamom chai and either a Rusk dipped in… 

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Many Sunday mornings I would wake late, only to be greeted with the intoxicatingly simple aromas of Aaloo ki Tehri – a family favourite rice dish which is fragranced with turmeric, vibrantly yellow in colour and tasted undefinably delicious. Served best with a raita of cucumber and mint – this was a Sunday lunch I… 

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Foodie Bugle

  I was honoured to be published in The Foodie Bugle – a  The Guild of Food Writers Award winning scholastic magazine’s debut print edition – with an article highlighting the history, heritage and migration of the food of Pakistan…     Tweet


Food and it’s celebration was a gift I grew up with. A precious joy that was handed down to me by my two grandmothers and of course my mother. All my best memories of childhood revolve around a dining table, walking into my home or my grandmother’s homes and being hit with the aromas of… 

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Thinking back to every mealtime at home with my parents, at either grandparents or aunts growing up in Pakistan, I don’t think even one meal was ever without a daal on the table. It was like an honoury member of a club – someone who just had to be allowed in as his entire family… 

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  Reminiscent of lazy Sunday afternoons at my home or at one of my grandmothers – nothing speaks louder of a warm sultry afternoon better than a Biryani, be it chicken, vegetable or meat – the satisfying marriage of rice with curry perfumed with saffron, Kewra (screwpine water), fragranced further with mint leaves and allowed… 

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