Masala Monsoon, a dream is born

NEWS: MASALA MONSOON HAS JUST WON THE PRESTIGIOUS GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2014 IN THE UK! MORE INFO SOON! Spice has always defined who I am. My first sensory memory would be the intoxicating aroma after a monsoon shower in my beloved Karachi, where I grew up. Since then, of course I have inhaled many a… 

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Daal aur Chawal: Comfort memories & the true flavours of Pakistan

Ultimate Pakistani comfort. No other food so simple, frugal and wholesome can give one such depths of bliss –  the humble daal soaked up in plain boiled basmati. A blank canvas for flavour, absorbing any indigenous culture, tradition or wealth of family secrets – Daal cooked the South Asian way to me  is a never-ending journey… 

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LTC Awards Stamp 2013 Runner Up

Best Short Cookery Course – The UK Cookery School Awards, Runner up 2nd yr running!

SO excited to announce, I am the runner up for the UK Cookery School Awards by Looking to Cook for the 2nd year running. Competition is always tough so I am so chuffed! Thank you! My next Pakistani cookery class in 23rd November – don’t miss it - Click on that link to BOOK!   Tweet


Pakistani naan making in the AGA at Divertimenti, London for their 50 year anniversary celebrations

I was asked to contribute to celebrate 50 years of the institution known as Divertimenti (where I am honoured to be a teacher too!), part of this has been to celebrate the diversity of food in London, their aim was to cover 50 cuisines in London – I shared my Naan recipe made in the… 

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Whole Garam Masala Smoked Haddock Kedgeree, taking home an age old recipe

Kedgeree – A dish I vaguely heard about while growing up in Pakistan, a British dish created  and inspired from their time in India, I was briefly told. A rice main course made with fish and enlivened by the use of the generic curry powder did not appeal to my rather refined spiced taste buds…. 

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East meets West: Guest Post by The Foodies Larder

My mission has always been to explore all the varied influences on Pakistani cuisine and I have always been intrigued by the Arabian flavours in my cuisine. This lead me to research more into how Arab invasion has left a culinary foot print where ever they have passed though. Much as to do with the… 

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