Daal aur Chawal: Comfort memories & the true flavours of Pakistan

Ultimate Pakistani comfort. No other food so simple, frugal and wholesome can give one such depths of bliss –  the humble daal soaked up in plain boiled basmati. A blank canvas for flavour, absorbing any indigenous culture, tradition or wealth of family secrets – Daal cooked the South Asian way to me  is a never-ending journey… 

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LTC Awards Stamp 2013 Runner Up

Best Short Cookery Course – The UK Cookery School Awards, Runner up 2nd yr running!

SO excited to announce, I am the runner up for the UK Cookery School Awards by Looking to Cook for the 2nd year running. Competition is always tough so I am so chuffed! Thank you! My next Pakistani cookery class in 23rd November – don’t miss it - Click on that link to BOOK!   Tweet


Pakistani naan making in the AGA at Divertimenti, London for their 50 year anniversary celebrations

I was asked to contribute to celebrate 50 years of the institution known as Divertimenti (where I am honoured to be a teacher too!), part of this has been to celebrate the diversity of food in London, their aim was to cover 50 cuisines in London – I shared my Naan recipe made in the… 

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Whole Garam Masala Smoked Haddock Kedgeree, taking home an age old recipe

Kedgeree – A dish I vaguely heard about while growing up in Pakistan, a British dish created  and inspired from their time in India, I was briefly told. A rice main course made with fish and enlivened by the use of the generic curry powder did not appeal to my rather refined spiced taste buds…. 

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East meets West: Guest Post by The Foodies Larder

My mission has always been to explore all the varied influences on Pakistani cuisine and I have always been intrigued by the Arabian flavours in my cuisine. This lead me to research more into how Arab invasion has left a culinary foot print where ever they have passed though. Much as to do with the… 

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Walnut, cardamom and rosebud kulfi served on Himalayan Salt blocks

 Pale pink Himalayan salt blocks mined from my native Pakistan are not only visually ethereal but also wonderfully versatile. Stunning for presentation of raw ingredient, food can also be either cooked on it when the block is heated or served cold, under a chilled block, (by chilling the block for up to 30 minutes in… 

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