My interview feature in the Irish Times newspaper

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  My Kinara Kitchen “Ladies Night” event (an Award winning Pakistani & Eastern cuisine restaurant in Dublin)  on 1 Feb 2013 promises to be a real celebration of Pakistani cuisine with traditional style recipes with my personal contemporary twists along the way! Gorgeous cocktails made by the award winning bar manager Paul Lambert will highlight… 

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Kashmiri-style leg of lamb with nuts, coconut and rose petals


A Pakistani Christmas is such a different thing – with a large local Christian population and the concepts of Christmas firmly entrenched in our culture from the Colonial times, it is not a wonder that we in Pakistan celebrate this festive day with much excitement yet in such different ways – menus, traditions and styles…. 

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Green Chicken Chutney Curry – my video recipe

Indpendance Day 6-1

This is a recipe that’s close to my heart, for the inspiration from the  many Parsi friends I has in school to the use of whole garam masala tempering that defines my cuisine’s richness, heritage and aromas – this is best enjoyed on a cold winter’s day with some warm basmati rice or on a… 

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Banana, Cardamom & Coconut Samosas with Chai Chocolate Drizzle


It was about this time of the year that you knew the weather has started to alter – the first breath of the crisp sandy cool sea breeze in the morning would confirm that our  mild desert winter was not far behind. With it, it would bring a gush of festivities, weddings, parties and many… 

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Shahi Biryani with fenugreek and seasonal vegetables


Biryani means to me what a roast dinner might been to a Brit – it’s the ultimate comfort food without any guilt. Warm, fragrant, reminiscent of the comfort of beautiful Pakistani houses with marble verandas,  airy rooms where the singular ceiling fan brought sacred cool breeze to a stifling humid afternoon – these were much… 

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Mango, Cardamom & Saffron Pannacotta


As published in Express Tribune, Pakistan – August 2012 Growing up in Pakistan always meant mango season was greeted with open arms and an unending appetite for these sweet honey laced varieties of mangoes grown in Pakistan, of which Sindhri mangoes which are indigenous to the province of Sindh, Pakistan alone – where I was… 

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Potato & Lentil Bun Kebabs, Pakistani Street-style burgers


Smoky, hot, sultry Sunday afternoon’s when you’d rather be napping than driving out to the market – I can remember the sudden craving for a Bun Kebab would get me out of the icy atmosphere of my air conditioned bedroom into the throws of sweltering brain numbing heat only to savour one of these indescribably… 

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The flavours of two nations – United and Divine

Pic Credit Sheb + Sumayya

  I sit here and write this post on the night of Pakistan’s Independence Day, 14th August and the eve of India’s Independence Day, 15th August. My lovely friend Sheba from Absolute Indian, who originates  from Kerala and myself (Pakistani, obviously) share one  recipe each  in celebration of our respective country’s independence and most of… 

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Lamb Nihari – Pakistani slow lamb shank with fresh herbs

Photo credit Ian James

There were days when you could not care for any home cooked food because you knew of the treasures you could find in the food streets of Pakistan. Nothing can beat the colourful aromas, the smoky essence and hustle bustle of Pakistani bazaars and food quarters. Nothing quite like sitting on the roadside and consuming… 

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Rainbow Zarda – Sweet rice w/ nuts, candied cherries + peel


Lazy afternoons at my Nanny Mummy’s house (maternal grandmother) were always defined best by my listless attempts at helping her cook in her very hot kitchen – very little could tear me away from the comfort of being wrapped up in her cosy bed with the air conditioning on High…the hum of the fridge behind her… 

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Qawami Seviyan, Sugar-laced Sweet Vermicelli

Beautiful Eid cards by Ananya Card

  Eid is a time of celebration – not just the celebration of fasting for one month, but the celebration of food, family and togetherness. It is a time for rejoicing our religion and culture. What is so interesting about Ramazan and Eid is the fact that the festivities and food are so different in… 

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Almond milk with poppy seeds, aniseed + rose petals

Photo credit Ian James aka @Grobelaar

  Hot sweltering days and warm nights – How I am reminded slightly of those sometimes unbearable times in the humid heat of Karachi. Pakistan is diverse with climate, but Karachi (in the province of Sindh)  is pretty blessed with one constant – everlasting sunshine that’s is rather relentless. But I would take that over… 

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Published as a guest post on Great British Chef’s website : Beetroot Halva


This recipe was also published on the Great British Chef’s website Lovely week – all vegetarian and very foodie! I was a finalist in Vegetarian Cookery School’s Best veggie breakfast competition with my tradition Pakistani breakfast with my own twists…l!!!  The highlight of the week was a lovely trip to my favourite UK city Bath… 

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Dulce de leche barfi


I yearn for anything caramel toffee-like when it’s cold and depressing as it’s been in London for the past couple of weeks. You’d think it’s the middle of April and the temperature should be bearable, but alas, this is the UK! Though despite the gloomy meteorological conditions, nothing can cheer  me up like warm toffee… 

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Featured on Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation tv show: Beetroot and Jaggery Raita


This recipe was also published on the Great British Chef’s website The weather has been erratic this week and so have my days…with the first Pukka Paki supperclub looming I suddenly had the unexpected request which made me stop in my tracks!  – an honour to say the least, I was asked to appear on… 

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