Bramble, Aniseed and Pistachio Pakistani Gulgulay (doughnuts)


Growing up I would be told romantic stories of winter approaching in my father’s childhood home in Jaunpur, North India –  slow cooking would be placed upon their log fire as smoke would bellow above the open night sky in their courtyard and one sweet treat that would be most anticipated, which would have all… 

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Semolina ladoo sweets with coconut and Arabic gum


As dreams start finding reality, I am humbled to the beginnings of my knowledge and thankful for my un-satiated desire to learn. Food and it’s celebration was a gift I grew up with. A precious joy that was handed down to me by my two grandmothers and most importantly, my mother. All my best memories of… 

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Firni ground rice pudding with apple compote & rose petals


It there is one emotion that is conjured up every time I recall my Nani’s kitchen – the feeling of complete safety – one that isn’t usually synonymous with a kitchen! But it was the aromas, the warmth and the love with which the food was prepared in her tiny kitchen that would be the… 

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Banana, Cardamom & Coconut Samosas with Chai Chocolate Drizzle


It was about this time of the year that you knew the weather has started to alter – the first breath of the crisp sandy cool sea breeze in the morning would confirm that our  mild desert winter was not far behind. With it, it would bring a gush of festivities, weddings, parties and many… 

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Fig, Honey and Pistachio Kulfi

Fig kulfi

The school bell would ring – its was 1.15pm, the sun had been shouting on the top of the tin and concrete school roof for what seemed like an eternity of a day. If you were lucky enough to sit under the lonesome ceiling fan you’d not at least be sweaty. But alas if you… 

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Pistachio and Lemon Sea Salt Barfi – published in Express Tribune


Growing up in Pakistan, I never needed an excuse to eat Barfi, a Pakistani dessert or Pakistani sweet meat – we were always presented this for every festive occasion, birth of a child, marriage, engagement – no matter what happened, Barfi made it’s way to your home wrapped up in beautiful tissue,gota(golden threaded ribbons) and… 

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