5 steps to perfect spicy Keema and a longing for land from my home, the Sea


          THIS RECIPE WAS PUBLISHED IN DELICIOUS MAG (ONLINE) “Then with the ebbing I should drift and be Less than the smallest shell along the shoal, Less than the seagulls calling to the sea.” – Sara Teasdale, ‘Sea Longing’ in Poems of the Sea Coming home from the sea – long… 

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Lahore – A city with history at it’s feet & food in its heart and soul

Badshahi Mosque

In my mind history, art, architecture, fashion, music and food all have something in common, they are all a result of excellence fuelled by passion. Be it a passion for creativity, ideas or science. The limits of such are endless and when I think of the one thing that always inspires me to write about… 

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Green Chicken Chutney Curry – my video recipe

Indpendance Day 6-1

This is a recipe that’s close to my heart, for the inspiration from the  many Parsi friends I has in school to the use of whole garam masala tempering that defines my cuisine’s richness, heritage and aromas – this is best enjoyed on a cold winter’s day with some warm basmati rice or on a… 

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Banana, Cardamom & Coconut Samosas with Chai Chocolate Drizzle


It was about this time of the year that you knew the weather has started to alter – the first breath of the crisp sandy cool sea breeze in the morning would confirm that our  mild desert winter was not far behind. With it, it would bring a gush of festivities, weddings, parties and many… 

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Mango, Cardamom & Saffron Pannacotta


As published in Express Tribune, Pakistan – August 2012 Growing up in Pakistan always meant mango season was greeted with open arms and an unending appetite for these sweet honey laced varieties of mangoes grown in Pakistan, of which Sindhri mangoes which are indigenous to the province of Sindh, Pakistan alone – where I was… 

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